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    Gandhi said you must be the change you want to see in the world. We couldn't agree more. As artists in the 21st century, we inspire change using a truly American canvas. The t-shirt. Some designed to make you think. Others to make you laugh. All crafted to turn heads and spark conversation. With no other agenda than helping you encourage good and look good doing it.

    We invite you to join us on this journey/road trip/beer run. Along the way, we plan to give back, get weird and have fun doing it. All with an eye toward positive vibes and not taking ourselves too seriously. Seriously.



    Time is money for us too. But if you follow, like and subscribe to us, you won't be disappointed. Smiles. Laughs. Tears (the good ones). You'll like it. Pinky swear.


    Why Spend your hard earned money on our T-shirts? Watch the videos about the shirts we print on.